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Al-Azhar and the Implementation of Human Rights in Egypt
Apostasy in Islamic States: A Result of Too Much Faith or Too Little Freedom?
Democracy, Modernization and the Veil: Women's Relationship to Secularism in Contemporary Turkey
Effectuating A Cooperative Future Between Iran and the Arab States of the Persian Gulf
Egyptian Islamic Activism: The Emergence of a Political Movement from the Muslim Brotherhood
God and Hope: Shia Islam and the Lebanese Civil War
Islamic Religious Instruction in German Public Schools
Leveraging Islamic Philosophy as a Counterterrorism Strategy
Mourchidates: Promoting a New Role in Islam for Women in Morocco and the Global Muslim Community
Religion & Identity in Europe: How the Growth of Islam Affects European Identity and How Nations Address the Issue
Road to reconciliation: An analysis of the Sectarian Divide in Pakistan
Women Under U.S. and Islamic Laws: Islam Synonomous with Women Oppression?