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Alternate view of a crane machine and cable
The Cavalcade of America: "Lifetide"
The Cavalcade of America: "Lifetide"
Citigroup in Cameroon
Close-up view of a crane machine and cable
Crane machine and hanging cable
Detail view of a crane machine and cable
Essays on the Wealthiest Americans
Exploring Educational Attainment and Returns to Education in Select Transition Economies
A Group-Specific Measure of Intergenerational Persistence
Microsoft: An Integrated Organizational Strategy to Target Enterprise Users
Mobile Health for TB
Mobile Money and the Unbanked: Risk, Reward, and Branchless Banking in Afghanistan
Mobile Phone Use by University Students: Swedish, American, and Japanese Perspectives
The Road Ahead: American Automobility and the Politics of the Future
Segment of a crane machine and cable
Text, talk, or view: The role of control, culture, and cost in using ICTs
Women Writers Moving Women: A Study of Female Mobility in the Novels of Frances Burney and Jane Austen